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6v6 Rules

3 Fields = 160x90 Ft  1,2,& 3 Goals: 12' feet wide x 6 feet tall

1. Each team consists of 6 players, one of whom must be the goalkeeper. Substitutions are allowed on any dead ball. Any less than 4 players will be considered a forfeit**. Game time is forfeit time. Coed teams must have 2 women, 4 men. If short on women must at least have one to begin play.

 2. One (1) referee is responsible for control of the game and his/her decisions regarding facts connected with play are final. Fees are $20 per team per game.

3. Referee fees are the responsibility of the captain/team and must be paid up front prior to game time.
4.Forfeits will be assessed at $50 to the team and must be paid prior to the next game.

5. The game shall be divided up into two equal periods of 25 minutes. There will be a 5 minute half time between the two periods. 5 minutes in between matches.
6. Game clock will start on time. Team has 10 minutes to field enough players to play otherwise a forfeit will be entered and a forfeit fine.

7. A flip of a coin decides which team will kick off. Each team must stay in its own half of the field and the defending players must be at least 6 yards from the ball when it is kicked. After a goal, the team scored upon will kick off. After halftime, the teams change ends and the kickoff will be taken by the opposite team to that which started the game.

8. In the event of a tie between two teams after a regular season game is complete, the game will be declared a tie.
9. There is no offsides.
10. Corner kicks and throw-ins allowed.

11. Slide tackling is allowed. But intentional tripping is not and the first offense is a yellow card. Second offense will result in a red card. Referee discretion. 

12. On any free kick including goal kicks (to be played by the goalkeepers hands) there is a 6 second rule. If the team awarded the kick does not play the ball in 6 seconds the other team will gain possession of the ball at the spot of the foul. A PK will be taken from the center of the field 8 yards from the goal. A PK will be awarded for fouls inside of the goal area.

13. A player may be substituted on the fly as in hockey. The referee does not need be made aware of a player being substituted however all  players in the game must stand/sit at the half line sideline in view of the referee. No substittions are to be made from the end zones/ or corners. Substitutes on the sideline will assist the game in keeping out of bounds balls from entering the other fields and reducing ball chasing. 

14. Teams are responsible for the set up and take down of the fields

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