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BSSC League Basics


BSSC is an organization that encourages members not to take winning or losing too seriously, and stresses that the social aspects of the league are really more important than a win or a loss.  We expect all participants to behave in a sportsmanlike manner, on and off of the field.  We strive to ensure that each member "shows that he or she has qualities of fairness, courtesy, and grace in winning and in losing."


It is recommended that every BSSC player sign up for the FREE BSSC text service at   You will receive a real time cancellation via text from the BSSC when a game is cancelled. This will reduce the need to check your email, the website, or call the rainout hotline because of inclement weather.


Visit Each Sport's Page for Detailed Information & Sign Up Dates

Volleyball (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
Soccer (Fall, Winter) Cornhole (Winter, Summer)
Kickball(Spring outdoor) Dodgeball (Fall) Charity Events(Year Round)
Football (Spring, Summer, Fall) Wiffleball(Fall) Orioles, Ravens, Preakness Events
Softball (Spring, Summer, Fall) Broomball (Late Fall) Social Events(Year Round)

Social: Teams that have advanced athletic skills and love to socialize.
Extreme Social: Teams that have intermediate athletic skills and love to socialize. Sub Leagues of Extreme:
         Tastes Great: Teams with upper intermediate athletic skills.
          Less Filling: Teams with lower intermediate athletic skills.
Super Extreme Social: Teams that have basic athletic skills, but are highly skilled in socializing.
*Note: Super Extreme Social does NOT offer postseason games.


All BSSC participants must be at least 21 years old before the season starts.  A Division I athlete must wait five years before participating in the BSSC. This restriction does not apply to a non-similar sport (e.g., DI football player may play BSSC softball, but not football.)  Players who have participated in professional sports are not allowed in the BSSC at any time. This includes leagues that use "Professional" in their name. (e.g., "Professional Women's Tackle League") Players/teams athletic ability may not exceed division definitions listed above (e.g., Social league ability may not play in the Extreme Social or Super X leagues).  Teams will forfeit games if rule is broken.  


Official Sponsors:  We invite and encourage you to join your fellow BSSC members at the official sponsor bars after each game to accrue "Social Points".  Miller Lite Beer and our official bar sponsors help to keep the costs of the BSSC affordable to everyone. Bars contribute to our sponsorship program because of the large economic impact members have on their business. Competing bars in the area did not contribute to making the BSSC affordable to its members. Therefore, out of respect to these businesses; on game days, please patronize only those sponsor bars that are supporting you and the BSSC.
More importantly, the official sponsor bars are where the entire league goes to grab a cold Miller Lite, meet old friends and make new ones. The names of our sponsor bars are provided on the website, at the beginning of this publication, and on your league shirts. 

Concerns: If there is a concern that needs to be addressed at our bar sponsor(s), please contact the BSSC and we will contact the owners directly to resolve the issue.

Outside sponsorships: The BSSC only allows teams to collect funds from businesses that do not conflict with our partners or "official" bar sponsors of the BSSC.  The BSSC will not accept funds from companies that are in direct competition with our official sponsors or partners.  Teams that are found to be sponsored by a competing bar/restaurant will have all wins removed for their current season record.  


The base league is for 12 players and an additional fee will be added for each player over 12.  Teams will pay the base league fee even if their roster is below 12 players.  The BSSC league fee includes: BSSC current league T-shirt for each participant, access to the MedStar Sports Medicine network, specials at our official BSSC sponsor bars, BSSC staff (field leaders/officials), field rental for each location, set-up of field equipment where applicable.  Participation in charitable/social events, & the opportunity to socialize with every BSSC member in the league.

SPORT SPECIFIC: MedStar Sports Medicine athletic trainer located at each venue (Football only), sport koozies (outdoor sports only), helmets & sticks (Broomball only).

BSSC NON-REFUND POLICY Once the BSSC has entered a coach's name online for the current season, the $200 deposit paid at sign-ups is non-refundable. Once tee shirts are ordered, teams are responsible for the total remaining team balance. 

Current Individual/Team Player Once a coach has ordered team T-shirts, the current player(s) /individual league fee is non-refundable.
Injured Player (Injury MUST be sustained playing a BSSC sport outlined in a BSSC injury report) A "league fee credit" will be given if a player's injury precludes them from finishing out the season.
The "league fee credit" will be used for the next BSSC sport that they participate in.

HOW DOES MY TEAM EARN SOCIAL POINTS (SP)? After your game, visit any of our current league sponsor bar(s) and take your BSSC team photo then post the team photo on the BSSC Facebook Page, it's really that easy! 
While you're there, meet new friends and enjoy cold Miller Lite drafts with your favorite sponsor bar food. For each teammate in the photo, you will receive ONE SP for that week. Number of teammates in each photo is crucial because of the value they have during the season. (see below). For those teams that don't make the post-season, we have a prize for you too. We'll be handing out $50 vouchers from EACH sponsor bar, to the top SP teams who didn't make the post-season, regardless of your team's record. (The # of vouchers is based on the # of current teams in each league.)

ADVANTAGES OF SOCIAL POINT (SP) FACEBOOK POSTING? Team will receive an$ 50 End of Season voucher if requirements are met.         Social Point totals will be used to seed teams in the postseason IF a tie-breaker is needed. Example: Five teams are 8-0; the team with the highest (SP) total will be seeded # 1 and the lowest (SP) totals will be seeded # 5.  If teams have equal "social points" a coin flip will determine seeding.    

WHAT IS A VALID SOCIAL POINT (SP) FACEBOOK POSTING? Must include your COACH, TEAM NUMBER AND SPORT so that BSSC can add to overall (SP) totals. Must be taken at the BSSC official sponsor bar only! Must have at least 5 players from your current BSSC league team holding a cold Miller Lite to show our support for the brand.  Exception: Players job frowns upon you holding a beer.  We will still count that person(s) in the photo as an SP.

WHAT IS NOT A VALID SOCIAL POINT (SP) POSTING? Teams who just visit a bar sponsor to get a photo, w/o patronizing it.
Ex. Players standing on the steps at Looney's or sitting outside at Kisling's w/o patronizing the sponsor bar. Teams who summit a non-BSSC sponsor bar photo.   Postings that have less than 5 players on your team. Teams that take multiple photos at one time, then post them throughout the season, as if they were there. Teams who alter a photo in any way to make it appear valid or non BSSC Sponsor bar photo is submitted.  


To receive the End of Season voucher, teams must post 1 or more valid "Social Point" photos at EACH sponsor bar. Teams will NOT receive a voucher if this (SP) requirement is not met. Vouchers may be dispersed to eligible teams before the last regular season game and equally between all bar sponsors. This will help to alleviate congestion at the BSSC sponsor bars.  

HOW TO REDEEM BSSC FORFEIT / SOCIAL POINTS BAR VOUCHERS : Patronize the BSSC sponsor bar listed on your team's voucher, on the days/dates that are printed on them. (e.g., If games are played on Saturday, the vouchers may NOT be used Sunday through Friday) Present voucher (which has no cash value) to server/bartender before ordering. Voucher is for "dine in only" to be used for BSSC Miller Lite specials and food. Not valid on carry out orders or used by non-team members. PLEASE tip your bartender based on the TOTAL amount of your check. (e.g., Team bar tab is $45. The remaining $5.00 cannot be used to tip the bartender - there is no cash value, so the bartender does not get that $5.00 left over from the voucher.  Your tip must be paid separately based on the $45 bar tab).

BSSC FORFEIT INFORMATION ADVANCED NOTICE TO AVOID A FORFEIT FINE  Teams can avoid a forfeit fine by e-mailing the BSSC prior to their regular season game or by following the substitute player(s) rule. Coaches must c ontact the BSSC before NOON on GAME DAY. If you know that you are going for forfeit earlier, then please let us know.
If an "advanced forfeit notice" game is rained out, the game will be made up at a later date. Opposing teams will NOT receive a forfeit voucher if the above procedures were followed.  


Teams may use "current league" players as substitutes if they are going to forfeit their regular season games.
Note: Sub may NOT be playing in a higher league.
Game time substitutions will be allowed, so teams may use players from the previous game. Once the regular team players have arrived, substitute player(s) are removed from participating in the game.  If the regular team players do not arrive and the substitute players end up playing the duration of the game, the game results will stand as is regardless of the outcome.


Coaches must contact the BSSC before NOON of your game day, if you would like BSSC to send out a "substitutes needed" e-mail to the league.  Please send the following information:  Team # -League-Location-Time-Number Needed- Gender Needed. 
Ex.: Team 22 in Less Filling Playing at Patterson Park 6 @ 7:15pm need 1 male and 2 female players.
BSSC can NOT guarantee, they will find someone, but will do their best.

IF the BSSC could not find current league players teams may outside substitutes to fulfill the required # of players needed for the game. Teams are allowed to do this (2) times throughout the regular season. Teams may NOT bypass step #1 to bring outside of the league substitutes.  Outside substitutes (not on current team) will be charged $15 per game and must sign a BSSC waiver. Outside substitutes may NOT exceed the league format and will cause their team to forfeit if BSSC staff/umpires feel that this rule has been broken.  

GAME TIME FORFEITS / EXTENSIONS Teams must have the minimum number of players present at game time or a "game time" forfeit will be called by BSSC staff (see exceptions). If the official can visually view players hustling to the field, he will allow them to be added to the minimum. BSSC staff will give the opposing coach (2) options at game time:
1- Inform BSSC staff to allow the other team a "5- minute grace period" to extend the start time.
Note: All games will end on time and grace period will be deducted from game time/ half time.
2- Inform BSSC staff that they would like to follow the "game time is forfeit time" rule. There are forfeit extension rules that apply for certain sports (see specific rules). Official "game time forfeit" will not be rescheduled because of inclement weather that day.   

 PLAYING A FORFEITED "FUN" GAME  If the BSSC official declares a "game time forfeit", teams will play an officiated "fun game".  Regardless of the outcome of the "fun game," the forfeiting team will have a loss recorded and a forfeit fine assessed.  

GAME TIME FORFEIT REIMBURSEMENT A $50 fine will be assessed to the team who did not have the minimum # of players at game time. The non-forfeiting team will receive a $50 voucher for one of the sponsor bar(s) the following week.  If a team is forfeited against in the postseason, no vouchers will be given.   

 GAME TIME FORFEIT FINE WAIVED (Based on Social Points) In order for teams "game time forfeit fine" to be waived, "social points" photo must have been posted the previous week.  If a team did not post a photo the previous week, a fine will be assessed. The non-forfeiting team will STILL receive a $50 voucher for one of the sponsor bar(s) the following week, if BSSC is paying the fine. If a team is forfeited against in the postseason, no vouchers will be given.  

PAYING FORFEIT FINES   BSSC will use a teams End of Season voucher as payment for the FIRST forfeit fine. Proceeding fines must be paid before your next scheduled game by either cash or check, if applicable.   


Each team will be guaranteed (8) games during the season.  (7) regular season games with the 8 th week of consolation games for teams that did NOT make the Post Season.  Teams that DID make the Post Season, this will be their 8 th game.   

Win - 2 points, Tie - 1 point, Loss - 0 points

The first priority of the BSSC is to ensure that all teams complete their full regular season schedule and postseason play is not guaranteed in any sport. Therefore, the postseason schedule and the number of teams involved may have to be reduced or eliminated based on the number of weeks the regular season had to be extended.
Below are the deviations from the normal postseason schedules if inclement weather or other circumstances dictate such action:  If there is one rain out or less, the entire posted postseason schedule will be played. If there are two rain outs, the number of teams involved in postseason play will be reduced to 50% of the tentative schedule (e.g., if the preseason tentative schedule provided for 32 teams playing in the postseason, this would be reduced to 16 teams).  If there are three or more rain outs, a decision will be made whether to play an abbreviated postseason schedule or eliminate all postseason play.


Make up for games regular/post season games, may be scheduled for days of the week outside of that sport's regularly scheduled days if necessary. BSSC will e-mail the league/individual teams ASAP, to allow players to adjust their schedules.  Neither refunds nor pro-rated refunds will be given if the regular OR post season is shortened due to inclement weather or by actions taken by the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks.  


Postseason games will start immediately after the completion of all regular season/make up games.  The BSSC will strive to have the same percentage of post season teams in each eligible division.  If your team is going to forfeit a post season game, please contact the BSSC ASAP. This will allow BSSC to place another team in your slot.  

A seeding ONLY schedule will be found on the Post Season link online by week # 6. However, team numbers will not be entered until ALL regular season games are completed. In the spirit of the BSSC, "Social Points" eliminates the issue of teams needing to focus on beating another team by a certain amount of runs or points, strength of schedule, head to head competition, etc. "Social Points" will be used to help the BSSC to seed teams in the postseason, IF a tie-breaker is needed. Example: Five teams are 8-0; the team with the highest # of "Social" point will be seeded # 1 and the least will be seeded # 5.  If teams have equal "social points" a coin flip will determine seeding.  The BSSC will NOT reseed the post season schedule after each round. The lower seed will assume the higher seeds post season schedule. (e.g., Seed #32 upsets seed #1 in the first round. Seed #32 now becomes the #1 seed and will follow the #1 seed's postseason schedule.)


The City of Baltimore prohibits both possession and/or consumption of any alcoholic beverage on city property.  Players will be responsible for any citations given by Baltimore City Police Department. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed in any of the Baltimore City Recs/Park outdoor venues.  If at their own risk, BSSC members/fans transport beverages to the field, they must abide by the following: Beverages must stay in a cooler until ready to be consumed and need to be in opaque cups or coozies only. BSSC members/fans found with opened or unopened packaging out of a cooler or opaque container will cause their entire team to lose their drinking privileges for the day. Staff will revoke drinking privileges if any glass containers are found on the field.  

 KEEPING OUR FACILITIES "GREEN"   BSSC and its members have the responsibility of leaving all facilities in a clean, trash-free condition before moving on to our official sponsor bars.

OUTDOOR SPORTS: Please use the recycling frame with the BLUE top for cans (to recycle) and the frame without a top is for general trash.          Aluminum cans from ALL BSSC fields (1,500 - 2,000 lbs. a year) are recycled to benefit a local homeless shelter, BEANS & BREAD    

AFTER GAME TIME LIMITS  INDOOR VENUE: Teams must leave indoor venue in a timely manner following the completion of their game

OUTDOOR VENUE: Teams may enjoy the outdoors after the completion of their game and then head to our official sponsor bars to collect valuable " Social Points" toward your teams: year-end voucher, game time forfeit forgiveness and post season tie breaker points.

BSSC promotes a "family friendly environment," which includes bringing your pets to the game. However, if you choose to bring your pet/dog to the field they must be leashed at all times. This includes before/after the game and as you walk to your field from the street/parking lot (Prevents interference for games in progress). When the pet owner is participating in a BSSC game, the leashed pet/dog must be held and attended to by an adult (over the age of 18). For the safety of all BSSC members/staff/guests, pets must be supervised and controlled by an adult at all times. Dogs/pets and owners who can abide by the above guidelines are welcome at BSSC outdoor games. Dogs/pets that cannot be controlled by owner/adult or show aggression toward other animals or players must be removed from the field by their owners. Members who do not comply with this request may cause their team to forfeit. Note: Dogs are not permitted inside UTZ field or at Lou Karpozie (LK) Fields. NO SMOKING POLICY

  • Because we recognize the hazards caused by exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, it shall be the policy of the BSSC to provide a smoke-free environment for all members, staff and supporters.
  • This policy covers the smoking of any tobacco product by staff, players or supporters in our indoor or outdoor venues. This includes before, during and after any BSSC game.
  • Person(s) smoking must distinguish their product to avoid a game suspension or team loss if staff requests are ignored.


All players must show a valid photo ID to BSSC staff upon request at any time during the season. 
Player(s) who refuse to show their valid photo ID are prohibited from participating.  BSSC staff will require a roster check form to be filled out by the entire team and player(s) photo taken.  An ID check will occur BEFORE the start of all postseason games. If a player is NOT on the post season roster, the team will forfeit their game.   

 COED PLAYER PARTICIPATION Each BSSC player must sign their team waiver/roster before participating in their first game.  Any player whose athletic ability exceeds division definitions may be removed from the league (e.g., a player with "Social" division ability playing in "Super Extreme").  If the BSSC determines that more than one player on a team should be in a higher league, the BSSC has the option to forfeit all future games for that team (no refund).  

PREGNANCY RULE   For the safety of both mother and baby, pregnant women are not permitted to play in any BSSC sport. Even though the BSSC is a non-contact league, accidents do occur. This does not prohibit a pregnant woman from managing a team. If this rule is ignored and a pregnant player is caught playing, that player will be suspended from play for the season and no refunds will be given.  

Because the BSSC is a social league, players may want to play for more than one team during the season. Players will pay (2) league fees for that sport and sign each teams rosters Players cannot exceed the athletic ability league descriptions on either team. Ex. A player in the Social league, cannot play in the Super-X league.  

The BSSC considers using an illegal player in a regular or postseason game, to be unsportsmanlike conduct.
Illegal Players are defined as: A player who's coach did not register them as a substitute player, yet played in a regular season game. Substitutes are not allowed in Post Season play.  A player who has broken the age or division one (DI) requirements. Once a player has been removed from the roster using the drop/add procedure, they are NOT eligible for league play for the remainder of the season. 

 Illegal Players Penalties: The coach and illegal player(s) will be suspended for the remainder of the season and all wins will be removed.  Penalized teams may participate in their remaining regular season games though wins will not be recorded.

GAME UNIFORMS (T-SHIRTS) Current season T-shirts are a players uniform and must be worn to participate in a game.  If circumstances dictate that a player(s) does not have their current league tee, they may play in the game by following these procedures:  Show proper ID to prove they are on the roster (staff will take photo of ID) and sign BSSC roster check form.  Players who are found swapping shirts must:       1. Both players must show proper ID to prove they are on the roster and sign BSSC roster check form  

POSTSEASON - All players must wear their current season T-shirt to participate in the postseason. 
There are NO exceptions of this rule for Post Season play. 

GAME FOOTWEAR  In order to participate in the BSSC, members must wear appropriate athletic footwear during the game.  Inappropriate footwear such as: Metal spikes, dress shoes, sandals, "Five Fingers" toe shoes, flip flops, bare feet, socks, etc., are not allowed in the BSSC leagues.
*Cornhole is exempt from above rule with exception of bare feet /socks.   

COLD WEATHER GEAR  Players must wear their current BSSC sport T-shirt OVER their cold weather gear.  

FIELD/GAME EQUIPMENT   BSSC will provide all necessary equipment for each court, field or diamond (cones, bases, nets, etc.).  Players must provide all their own equipment to play the game (gloves, bats, broomball pads, etc.) unless otherwise noted in the BSSC GAME RULES.

PLAYER INJURIES INJURY PROCEDURE In the event of a game related OR pre-existing injury, the player will be removed from the activity and his/her condition assessed by either a BSSC staff member or MedStar certified athletic trainer before resuming participation. If the injury or condition is determined to be of significant seriousness making their return to the game/activity unsafe for themselves and/or others, then he/she shall be withheld from further participation pending greater medical intervention.
NOTE: Any player with a pre-existing injury (i.e. fracture/broken bone, torn muscle/tendon) requiring a cast, brace or other protective splint device will be ineligible to participate until cleared in writing by a physician. Furthermore, if cleared to resume play with a cast, brace or splint device, then such device must be sufficiently padded as to protect others from harm/injury. Finally, if witnessed or determined that the device is being used intentionally as a weapon to cause harm to others, then the player will be removed from the league.  

GAME CLOCK FOR INJURIES In the spirit of the BSSC, the number one concern is the care of an injured BSSC player and not the game itself. A player will only be moved off of the field/court and play resumed once the player is stable enough to be removed from the field.  The game clock will stop for the injury and will resume once the player is stable enough to be removed from the field. If the care of the injured player on the field extends past the allotted game time, the score will be recorded from the time the clocked stopped for the injury. Time that was used to adequately take care of the injury will not be added to compensate for the loss of game time. Example: Injury occurs at 11:45 am (game tied) and the player is adequately taken care of by 12:00 pm, fifteen minutes will not be added to the game clock. The game was tied at 11:45 am when the injury occurred and it will be recorded as a tie.  

BLOOD RULE  If an injury results in a bleeding/non-bleeding open wound, the player must immediately be removed from the playing area to receive medical attention. They may re-enter the game ONLY after the wound is bandaged and bleeding has stopped. 


The BSSC is the ONLY sports & social league in MARYLAND to have an affiliation with MedStar Sports Medicine . Although ALL BSSC sports are non-contact, as with all physical activities, people may occasionally sustain an injury. Should this occur, the BSSC has entered into an agreement with MedStar Sports Medicine to provide prompt medical care (for its members) at any one of the four Baltimore-area MedStar hospitals. These hospitals include: Franklin Square, Good Samaritan, Harbor and Union Memorial.   What is MedStar Sports Medicine and how can it help you as a member of the BSSC?

  • Should an injury occur, you will receive a MedStar Sports Medicine identification card provided by a BSSC Staff member.
  • Your affiliation with the BSSC helps to get you "fast tracked" through the Emergency Department ONLY at the above participating MedStar hospitals.
  • MedStar Sports Medicine is NOT an insurance company, so it will not pay for any medical claims. Simply present your MedStar Sports Medicine ID card to the Emergency Room registrar (or tell the registration staff person you are a member of the BSSC) and their staff of sports medicine specialists will help to get you back in the game again!
  • This ID card does NOT provide insurance coverage nor will BSSC be liable for any medical expenses.
  • If you waived medical attention at the field but later you feel the need to be seen by a professional, please contact the BSSC so they may refer you to MedStar Sports Medicine or if you have a question regarding the services provided to BSSC members by MedStar Sports Medicine, call Jen Pritchett, 410-772-6516, during regular business hours.

According to BSSC members in the past,
MedStar Sports Medicine can be very helpful if you suffer an on-field injury.

......Hi Mike, Thanks for checking in - I'm all set! I lucked out - it was just a dislocation so I should be good in 1-2 weeks vs. 6 - so happy! Your BSSC staff was great - couldn't have asked for better and when we got to Union Memorial, they already knew I was coming and we only waited a couple of minutes before we were brought right back.  We were in and out (x-rays, re-setting and all) in under 2 hours.  Can't really beat that for an ER visit!  Thanks again for checking in - I should be back on the field in a couple of weeks. :) Thanks! Andrea ......Good Morning Mike, I am just following up with you about my torn ACL. I had the surgery to repair my ACL on July 11th, so today is exactly 3 weeks out. I am up walking and my rehab is progressing faster than my therapist has ever seen, I am able to balance myself completely on the repaired knee, I have full mobility back and my strength is coming back. I have to thank you for referring me to Med Star, Dr. Tepper was able to get me in right away knowing that I am a competitive bodybuilder and perform the operation shortly after my first visit. As with any operation, the recovery has a lot to do with the Dr. and how they perform the actual operation, and Dr. Tepper did a fantastic job. For that I am forever grateful.
Thanks Mike! Chris  Mike,
......Thanks for following up. The shoulder is still sore, but I am wearing a sling for a week and then following up with a specialist recommended by the doctor I saw in the ER at Union Memorial.
Your staff was very attentive and addressed all my needs in a prompt manner. The trainer even called the ER ahead of time to let them know I was coming to see if they could get me on faster because I was in so much pain. They did and I was seen in 10 minutes.
Thanks again and I hope my recovery time is quick.

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